Dimensional Journey

Alexander CalderUntitled, 1940, Louisa Guinness Gallery; 
Off-White long jute dress

Thilo HeinzmannTo Be And To Be, 2016, Carl Freedman Gallery
Thilo Heinzmann, O.T., 2016, Carl Freedman Gallery;
Off-White long jute dress, Pierre Hardy pumps

A slicing together of subversive spirits reveals an essential dimensionality. In a practice that was very personal to him, Alexander Calder, the iconic sculptor and creator of the mobile, made one-of-a-kind jewelry for those unconventional visionaries whom surrounded him. Suggestive of Calder’s balletic minimal gestures, pierced with cosmic energy are Thilo Heinzmann’s paintings to challenge their own meaning. An irreverent eye for the unusual is contemporary, a deconstructed Off-White dress eliciting ongoing relevance/change is this.


Louisa Guinness Gallery for unique artist commissioned jewelry.


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Thilo Heinzmann, To Be And To Be, 2016, Carl Freedman Gallery;
Alexander Calder, The Boldness of Calder, 2016, Louisa Guinness Gallery; Off-White long jute dress, Pierre Hardy pumps

Photographs by photoXvideo