Exquisite Details

pari-dust-exquisite details

Always one to find meaning in the details, I am bewitched by Alex Da Corte’s Die Hexe at Luxembourg & Dayan. With every surface exquisitely considered, I am reminded in a flash of the spaces that have had a long lasting effect on me. Da Corte satisfies the desire to be transported through a medley of experiences that are both familiar and completely foreign, grabbing on to something known and then turning it on its head and giving it a spin, a cause to reconsider. Honing in on Da Corte’s remarkable ability to capture an aesthetic moment, in my progression I attempt to add another layer of detail. From grandmothers house in a retro t-strap Dolce & Gabbana gingham to a dominatrix den in Stella McCartney’s metallic magenta I go. I pass through a 70’s supermarket in a jolt of kaleidoscopic Valentino sandals, finding myself in a mint green house of mirrors with a quirky pair of Sophia Webster sandals marked with festive flourishes. A bittersweet end to my unforgettably twisted arthouse shoe fantasy.

Shoes clockwise from top left: Stella McCartney metallic magenta pumps, Sophia Webster printed wedge sandal, Valentino rainbow plexi-heel sandal, Dolce & Gabbana gingham t-bar pumps

Luxembourg & Dayan, Alex Da Corte, Die Hexe

Photographs by Robert/Michael