Extra Bold & Glossy

pari-dust-extra bold-glossy

Initiating the myriad of feelings associated with a bombardment of visuals and information that is more often than not the story of my life, is Olaf Breuning’s vivacious installation at Metro Pictures. Anxiety gives way to excitement leads to enchantment and all over again but to become one of them. Breuning’s oversized bubbles of photo collage, portraits he staged of friends and otherwise, communicate what it means to be human, all the billions of particles that influence us. Amidst this are the reflective sculptures, versions of ourselves perched on metal scaffolding contemplating whether to observe the party or join it. At the end of the day and in need of some freewheeling liberation I put on my best bear suit and enter in. I turned to Jeremy Scott’s irrepressible Moschino, grinning teddies and heart emojis for something extra bold and glossy. Breuning’s work is joyful without being needy, in it I find my most fun self lost in an endless dream world of interpretation.

Moschino bear mini dress, Moschino letter bomber jacket, Moschino glossy heart sunglasses, Clover Canyon platform shoes

Metro Pictures, Olaf Breuning, The Life

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Makeup by Rouge New York, Photographs by Tylor Hou