Frida Blossoms

pari-dust-frida blossoms

Nature, art and fashion may be the ultimate at this moment for me. Presenting just that vibrant portal of escapism is Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life at the New York Botanical Garden. A path of tall lanky Sunflowers, magenta Fuchsia blossoms and tear shaped Elephant-Ear leaves gives way to an atrium with cobalt walls, terra-cotta brick, and a pyramid of cactuses, a recreation of the lush courtyard garden that was a source of inspiration and a constant subject in Frida’s art throughout her life. While walking through the garden you experience the full impact of nature where the rich smell of blossoms, damp earth and decay permeate the air and delicate, lacey plants drape themselves over fearsome, spiky succulents. Exit Frida’s magical garden, cross the green acreage to the north side and find the Library where you will discover an intimate gallery of Frida’s work. The stylistic hybrid which can be seen in Frida’s paintings, a mix of western Vanitas and Still Life traditions together with Surrealism, portraiture and symbolism specific to indigenous Mexican culture is also evident in her iconic persona and unimitatable style. A true embodiment of her art, an impression to me that is rare and meaningful. Here I create a Frida twist providing a glimpse of designers whose work is spiked with a confection of influences but is something very much their own, a flounced brick red top by Vika Gazinskaya, a vivid mixed-print skirt by Doro Olowu, the spice of Charlotte Olympia sandals, decked in jewels laden with nature’s symbolism by KC Sukamto, and topped with a custom Cosma De Marinis exotic collage headpiece. Nature and signature is clearly sentiment in Frida’s world.

All jewelry: KC Sukamto Magdalena Collection, Madia Earrings, Flora Ring, Majeste Ring, Espine Ring, Madia Bracelet, Vika Gazinskaya flouncy top, Doro Olowu patchwork skirt, Charlotte Olympia sandals, Cosma De Marinis collage headpiece, Face Stockholm lipstick in Matte Sangria, Jin Soon nail polish in Pop Orange
New York Botanical Garden, Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life
Hair Collage by Cosma De Marinis, Makeup by Samantha Jozic, Photographs by Jason Gringler