Individual Existence


Olivier Mosset’s paintings have an indelible relationship to space and time. Here at Koenig & Clinton Mosset continues his quest to draw attention to paintings for what they are asserting the space around them and one’s current state of being. Mosset’s work stands out in the history of painting in that the personality of the artist is beside the point, a painting must exist for itself. This view directly contradicts an art world which searches for a signature style and demands to know who’s who in order to assign credit and therefore value. That said, artists as the ultimate representation of a unique self are essential to society as a whole in order to create a certain striving for individualism. As a counterpoint to Mosset’s work is a new designer who I see as a visionary establishing her own unique existence, balancing timeless forms with unexpected moments and materials. In CF. Goldman’s new Fall 2015 collection she looks to the artists themselves, here Alexander Calder, the shape of his smocks and his love for monochromes. An interpretation which I always strive for that isn’t literal, but captures the essence of a creation or feeling. Bringing us back to the idea of Mosset’s paintings, of being confronted with the reality of the work/ourselves in order to assimilate something entirely new into being.

CF. Goldman dress & snoods, Paul Andrew boots

Koenig & Clinton, Olivier Mosset

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Makeup by Samantha Jozic, Photographs by Tylor Hou