Optical Oneness

Pierre Paulin, "Jardins á la française", 1985
Pierre Paulin, "Lena" armchair, 1985
Galerie Perrotin; 
Marni checkered oversized sleeve top, high-waisted checkered trousers & spherical heeled pump

Pierre PaulinGalerie Perrotin; 
Marni checkered oversized sleeve top, Marni cobalt trunk bag, MAC lipstick in Matte Royal
Marni trunk bag

Oozing with groove and fun Pierre Paulin’s designs are everything. Sensuous and functional, lines compliment curves in a total environment beckoning to the human form. A purveyor of truly original and interpretive design, Paulin’s resurgence is exhilarating. Magnetized to these works, Galerie Perrotin presents an extraordinary exhibition of rare designs produced in limited edition by Paulin, Paulin, Paulin, a business run by the designer’s family. Aspiring to Paulin’s elegant exuberance I encase myself in the odd mod romance of Marni’s Fall 2016 Collection with a sculptural bolt, her signature Trunk bag in cool blue. My brush with optical bliss for the September Issue of W Magazine.


Pierre Paulin, Galerie Perrotin; Marni checkered oversized sleeve top, Marni high-waisted checkered trousers, Marni spherical heeled pump, Marni cobalt trunk bag, MAC lipstick in Matte Royal


Makeup by Samantha Dametta, Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photographs by Tylor Hóu