Pure Fantasy

Challenging nearly every convention of domesticity, Philip Johnson’s Glass House stands as an icon of modernism elegantly perched on a compound of experimentation. The Glass House became permanently imprinted in my mind upon first learning of it in architecture school, since dreams of it have intermittently swirled in my head. On the occasion of my collaboration with The Lane, chic bridal inspiration with an edge and iconic bridal wear designer Vera Wang’s ghostly ethereal Spring 2016 collection, the fantasy became real. Vera Wang’s perfectly deconstructed sheer gown seamlessly integrated into the landscape of the Glass House compound, an eccentric bride/architects dream. Johnson’s masterwork site reveals itself, a structure for every inclination, mood, season in a wild array of styles. Tempted by the pavilion in the pond down below, once part of an illuminated fountain with a twenty foot tall spray, a source of amusement for Johnson and his life partner, David Whitney, I stepped into a delicate leotard bodice gown and onto this island momentarily my own. Cut off from the world with the invitation to create my own which Philip Johnson so impeccably executed.

The Glass House, Architecture by Philip Johnson
Vera Wang Bridal Spring 2016 Collection
Makeup by Samantha Dametta, Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photographs by Tylor Hou