Raw Reflection

raw reflection

Noriyuki Haraguchi’s works on view at Fergus McCaffrey strike on multiple chords. Haraguchi was part of the Japanese art movement Mono-ha which took place in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. His works are distinctly materials- or experience-centered characteristic of the Mono-ha school of thought which focused on the presence of raw material. Haraguchi’s Oil Pool sculpture perfectly situated on the second floor of the gallery encapsulates this ideology. The piece, containing dark glossy machine oil, draws you in close enough to command reflection amongst that which envelops you, the cities all consuming fabric and the minimal architecture or clear head space that I aspire to. A pairing made for the designers of Tome who have a self described emotional response to their fabric. Tome is a line that encapsulates my personal style, elegant and minimal with an eccentric use of materials such as this satin wrapped top and metallic brocade play on a pencil skirt. Here lies all that demonstrates the transcendental aesthetic potential of labor and material.

Tome wrap top & skirt, Gianvito Rossi sandals

Fergus McCaffrey, Noriyuki Haraguchi

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Makeup by Dana Bosco, Photographs by Jason Gringler