Wall Candy


Once a rundown neighborhood of windowless cinder block warehouses, a walk through Miami’s Wynwood district is like being showered with a piñata full of visual candy. Conceived by the renowned community revitalizer Tony Goldman, in tandem with a group of street artists called Primary Flight the project has evolved into one of the largest open-air street art installations in the world. Wynwood is a welcome offset and what feels like the grass roots answer to the formality of the Art Basel Fair. Block after block of warehouse buildings serve as giant canvases to the most amazing street art I’ve ever seen in one place. There is something here for everyone from graffiti greats like Shepard Fairey to my personal favorite, this more minimalist slot machine wall by Arno Baudin. A graphic match to my punchy Moschino pants and ruffled collar A.L.C. top. So excited, I decided to do a cartwheel.

A.L.C. top, Moschino pants, Chanel boots

Wynwood Walls, Arno Baudin

Photographs by Kelly Smith