Gem Paradise


In India it is believed that a stone is living material, an entity unto itself, which is partly divine and endowed with supernatural powers. It is this heart and precious appreciation that goes into every piece of jewelry made by The Gem Palace. A family business for over eight generations, The Gem Palace is now run by Siddharth Kasliwal after his legendary father Munnu’s passing last year. After spending a few days with Sidd and his brother Sam their enthusiasm for an ancient family tradition so rich and spectacular was infectious. On this unforgettable day in Jaipur with LoveGold, my dream of being iced in the most exquisite way was realized. An afternoon at The Gem Palace revealed a dedication to craft and attention to detail that is at the core of the family’s dynasty. I experienced this process as we watched the in-house craftsmen work by hand to cut, polish and set the stones for these heirloom pieces. I was touched not only by the joy that went into the creation but by the inspiration documented beautifully in a book I could not part with, Munnu Irresistible Jewels. A man after my own, in this book Munnu’s most stunning creations are pictured next to elements of inspiration from Indian architecture and art, elements that I incorporated in my imagery. Jewelry that truly is art, I am so grateful to have experienced The Gem Palace firsthand with Lovegold and the family who keeps their fairy tale pieces timeless and fresh.

Tome dress, The Gem Palace rose-cut diamond & gold necklace, rose-cut diamond necklace with emerald drops, cuff bracelets set with rubies, emeralds & diamonds, diamond & gold ring, ruby, gold & pearl tikka headpiece

The Gem Palace, Jaipur

Photographs by Chris Roman collaged against architectural imagery from Munnu Irresistible Jewels by Eric Deroo