Lyrical Texture


The first exhibit of the year that struck me was this, a group show of work by Jo Baer, Anne Neukamp and Diane Simpson at Mitchell-Innes & Nash. A dazzling palate of muted colors, geometric forms and brilliant textures are melodic together in one room. The common conceptual thread is that each artist begins with specific references which are then transformed into the realm of abstraction. Anne Neukamp’s paintings vibrate between graphic symbols reminiscent of branding or iconography to elemental planes of spatial allusion. Diane Simpson’s sculptures speak especially to me, perhaps because her strongest influences come from the worlds of applied arts, architecture and clothing structure. Her works are crisp and mesmerizing evoking the source of initial inspiration as seen in Underskirt (1986) yet skewing and reassembling into a new intricate construction. These works present the perfect pairing for my clean and modern array of J.Crew accessories. Sophisticated and versatile ring, cuffs and earrings evoke the glistening forms in Anne Neukamp’s paintings while the soft romantic structure of my white Downing Hobo Bag and white Roxie pumps stand poised in alignment with Simpson’s elegant sculpture. My J.Crew Collection fresh mesh look speaks for itself in this environ. I could take these pieces anywhere and in that vein so can you. As I love a good contest, Instagram how you wear and pair your favorite J.Crew accessories with the hashtag #accessoryfix and #jcrewcontest for a chance to capture the attention of style icon and J.Crew creative director, Jenna Lyons and she will pick and treat her three favorites to a J.Crew shopping spree.

J.Crew Collection Top, Vest & Shorts, J.Crew ring, cuffs & earrings, J.Crew Downing Hobo Bag, J.Crew Roxie pumps

Mitchell-Innes & Nash, Jo Baer, Anne Neukamp, Diane Simpson

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Makeup by Dana Bosco, Photographs by Tylor Hou