Schoolgirl Classic

pari-dust-school girl classic

Rarely does a building strike me as this. Jack Shainman Gallery: The School, is quite possibly perfect as far as my architectural ideals. A small journey outside Manhattan in Kinderhook, NY lies this beautiful gem, home of the former Martin van Buren School. Renovated by the Spanish architect Antonio Jimenez Torrecillas, the design is a genius incorporation of the school’s original Palladian bones, pared down to what I would call a machine for viewing art. Compressed space leads into the grandeur of the former gymnasium, classrooms are transformed into intimate gallery spaces. In keeping with the concept of an indigenous architecture is Shainman’s current group show, Mise En Scène, with such masters of reappropriating material as El Anatsui, Kay Hasan, and Tallur L.N. Works that nod to the past while looking forward, hence my modern schoolgirl ensemble. A look focused on simple classical lines and prints, composed of this primary red Gap mock turtleneck and Harvey Faircloth tartan skirt. Unable to cover all subjects in one go, more school in session after the break.

Gap mock turtleneck sweater, Harvey Faircloth tartan tulip skirt, Maison Martin Margiela leather wedge sandals

Jack Shainman Gallery: The School, Mise En Scène

Photographs by Tylor Hou