Bright Bohemia


Crashing the birthday party of traditional abstraction is Sarah Cain’s exhibition Burning Bush at Galerie Lelong. Her spirited paintings are marked by the use of unusual materials such as string, balloon, beads, necklaces, even a hula-hoop. Cain’s experimentation, willingness to expand past the perceived limits of painting, sculpture, and installation result in a body of work that is bright, refreshing and free. She creates a sort of modern bohemia where true innovation is born through the embracing of the unknown and the intervention of chance. I was taken by her use of color and the way it drew me into the works and the space. In an Interview Cain explained feeling that a lot of times artists go back and draw from their first memories of color and form. She described hers as when she was three growing up in upstate New York, “they would have these hot air balloon landing days, where they would all take off and land in this huge field of white snow with all these crazy, beautiful colors hot pink and orange balloons.” Inspired to draw upon my own first memories of color and form, which revolve around dance recitals and sequins, I chose this truly amazing purple iridescent sequined set by Acne. The cherry on top of the sequin sundae are these cake cake cake sunglasses from Nylon Shop. Their super fun and unique pieces will maybe inspire you to break out and wear/do something that makes you feel wild and free.

Acne sequined shorts and shirt, J.Crew metallic pumps, Gasoline Glamour sunglasses ℅ NYLON

Galerie Lelong, Sarah Cain: Burning Bush

Photographs by Tylor Hou