Happy Clouds


Giving us blue skies in a seemingly endless winter is Olaf Breuning’s installation, Clouds. Presented by the Public Art Fund, six flat but fluffy feeling clouds form a new vibrant gateway to the south east corner of Central Park. Cut from a hand drawing by Breuning, the bright blue clouds on stilts bring a cheery pop of color and cannot help but make you smile and pause. As an artist Breuning is no one trick pony—his work has touched film, installation, sculpture, photography, drawing, and music. In an interview with Olivier Zahm he describes his movement between different media, “I feel that reality is so colorful around us; it’s changing too fast and I want to keep up with that. This is my life, this is the time, and I want to go further. I did all these things in my work that made me happy.” Invoking my own happiness I chose to go matchy in this powder blue and primary yellow floral embroidered set by MSGM. The bright combination was quite popular with passersby, I even got a high five. This and Breuning’s work, one part childlike imagery, one part heartfelt sentiment, are reminders that sometimes happiness can be found in the silly simple things.

MSGM dress & biker jacket, Topshop sandals

Public Art Fund, Olaf Breuning Clouds

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photographs by Tylor Hou