Curve Slice

pari-dust-curve slice

Justin Adian’s work makes you feel weird and right, like the odd comfort of a waterbed or the sweet satisfaction of a gummy worm. The architectural placement and arrangement of shapes amongst forms within his show at Skarstedt Chelsea is alluring with a certain nonchalance. His draped and stretched canvas over foam works are slicked with automotive paint and seem to glisten in the sun like a hot auto body part. The puffed geometrics sitting tight up next to each other draw from those awkward encounters, found moments in our city fabric. At one with the strict fit of what Victoria Beckham does best, the dress. A suggestive back slice, bow and zip, colorblock lip, shape shift with ease through Justin Adian’s sugary mix.

Victoria Beckham bow-back sheath dress, Miu Miu sandals, Cover Girl lipstick in Vixen Violet, Cover Girl lipstick in Red Siren

Skarstedt Chelsea, Justin Adian: Fort Worth

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Makeup by Samantha Dametta, Photographs by Tylor Hou