Darkness & Light


Klara Kristalova’s glazed stoneware figurines carry a duality of spirit that is contained in one’s own self. In her show Big Girl Now at Lehmann Maupin it’s as if each sculpture has emerged from some sort of magical forest, crawled onto stage, and is now beckoning, you could be me, you could join me. Subconsciously drawn to the ones I think I could see myself most in are Goosegirl, Keyhole Woman, and The Invisible. What is so enamoring is the sense of transformation that is taking place. Although each work contains an inherent darkness, they tip towards the light with a sense of poise and hope. Kristalova refers to the title Big Girl Now as “a feeling of being ready for something new, stepping out, and leaving some things behind.” Weaving myself into the tale I chose this dramatic yet delicate ruffle dress by the new line Karie Laks. Conveying a ready-to-play attitude characterized by fresh alluring fabrics and cuts, the line is made for the mysterious fun girl, who like these sculptures will give you chills and enchant you at the same time.

Karie Laks ruffle dress, stretch velvet bra & bloomers, Chanel shoe socks

Lehmann Maupin, Klara Kristalova, Big Girl Now

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photographs by Tylor Hou