Gradient Dreams

pari-dust-gradient dreams

Time, space and color come together then seem to unravel in the atmosphere Pieter Vermeersch has created at Team Gallery. His large painted works on canvas vibrate between photorealism and abstraction, the result of a scientific color mapping process that require Vermeersch to finish each piece in one uninterrupted sitting. This quality of perfectionism, ritual, trance and transcendence, I find especially appealing. The viewers experience is fully immersive as Vermeersch transforms the space with a gradated wall mural punctuated by a concrete wall that serves to skew ones idea of depth perception. This continuous shifting, the act of viewing leads to a feeling of becoming a shape in space where the work does not end and color swirls and washes over you. Drawing from the effect of color and light around me I chose this airy organza and crepe dress by Stella McCartney. I paired it with a necklace by Peppercotton, a line of jewelry that is art itself, the mesh enveloped crystals almost a perfect gradient match. As one who is affected by my environment more than I wish to be, this show is a dream.

Stella McCartney dress, Peppercotton necklace, Bumble & Bumble spraychalk in Cobalt, Alexander Wang sandals

Team Gallery, Pieter Vermeersch

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photographs by Tylor Hou