Dizzy Daisy

pari-dust-dizzy daisy

Those who take risks and push the boundaries of convention are exceedingly interesting to me. It seems that once they take the leap and begin to create their own world the abundance that results is both dizzying and dazzling. Enter into the mind of Mike Kelley whose retrospective is on view at MoMA PS1. It is the first time this century old defunct school building gives itself over entirely to one artist. Quite fitting considering Kelley’s total disregard for anything vaguely institutional or established. This massive body of highly influential and experimental work is surprising to say the least. Kelley worked in every conceivable medium exploring mass culture, trash culture, and an array of subcultures resulting in work that made me want to laugh, cry, and run in that order. And now for the outfit, this daisy pleat mini dress is by the British interiors/fashion/lifestyle brand House of Hackney. Again beating down the door of convention to create a world that seems like a whimsical escape. A magical place where your dress can match everything from your wallpaper to your tea cup. It was exactly the style of dress I had imagined when I bought myself these Chanel boots, a little early birthday present. I dreamed of them for a while before making the purchase. Just the right boho sophisticated feel to take in the works of this beautiful non-conformist.

House of Hackney dress, ASOS knee socks, Chanel boots

MoMA PS1, Mike Kelley

Hair & Makeup by Cosma De Marinis, Photographs by Tylor Hou