Concrete, Earth & Sky

pari-dust-earth wind fire

Way out in the Chihuahuan desert of west Texas lies Donald Judd’s art oasis, Marfa. It is here that the artist sought refuge from New York City to more deeply explore the connection between art and life. Largely dissatisfied with the exhibition spaces in art museums finding them unsuitable for the display of contemporary art, Judd would create a place where art, architecture, and nature would come together and inform one another. This embodiment of his own philosophical outlook to avoid fragmentation and promote cohesion would be realized by The Chinati Foundation, home of his most ambitious works of art. The first of these is a multi-part series, 15 Unitled Works in Concrete. Placed outside in an open field, these concrete box like sculptures would be created in groupings organized in a straight line each equidistant from the next. This massive undertaking would take 6 years, but what results is hauntingly beautiful. Set against the minimal concrete blocks is this dreamy silk tie-dye dress by Rodarte. The dress has an earth, wind and fire element and seems to balance the cool austerity of these sculptures. Marfa is a place that is hard to encapsulate through words and images but only fully through experience. Hope this leaves you wanting more.

Rodarte dress, Alexander Wang heels

The Chinati Foundation, Donald Judd, 15 Untitled Works in Concrete

Photographs by Wynn Myers