Smattering Geometries

pari-dust-smattering geometries

A walk into the exhibition Holiday Services at The Hole is like being transported to a bright splashy bazaar in a far off land. This new body of work by Katherine Bernhardt in collaboration with her husband Youssef Jdia features collages on canvas utilizing an array of found objects, from “bargain basement” fabric scraps to seashells to glossy magazine images. Hair braiding salon pamphlets and canned vegetable labels paper the walls and stacks of Moroccan rugs cover the floor creating a sort of visual marketplace. The rhythmic shapes and color harmonies on canvas nod to the bright loose geometrics of the Moroccan rugs. Bernhardt, best known for her Pop-Expressionistic wild paintings describes the collaboration with her husband (this is his first art exhibition in New York City) as a spontaneous and organic one. Together they own the carpet business Magic Flying Carpets, Jdia’s background in rugs highly influenced the works. As with most projects that seem to start from nowhere and grow to take on a life of their own, a glittering expression results. I am a happy wallflower in my geometric print silk See by Chloe playsuit and Isabel Marant calf hair and suede knee boots. The Pomeranian is the cherry on top.

See by Chloe playsuit, Isabel Marant boots

The Hole, Katherine Bernhardt & Youssef Jdia, Holiday Services

Photographs by Tylor Hou