Eerie Abstraction


Created over the summer in the confines of his East Hampton Studio is a series of new works by George Condo now on view at Skarstedt Gallery. Hints of figures appear and disappear out of the violent brushstrokes that are Condo’s latest explorations in the idea of ‘action painting.’ One can only imagine the flickering eyes and abstracted forms that may have emerged from the darkness of the woods enveloping Condo’s summer studio, a physical and emotional atmosphere in which to immerse himself into the cacophony of feelings characteristic of the human condition. It is this frenetic energy that creates something entirely new out of such works laden with art historical references, evoking Warhol’s silver paintings, Basquiat’s self portraits, Picasso’s cubism. Now enter the raw and artistic magic of this Christian Dior Resort Collection tunic, paralleling the painted jungle of Condo’s conceptual portraiture. A triple performance of all things abstracted, rooted and free.

Christian Dior Resort 2015 tunic, Paul Andrew sandals

Skarstedt Gallery, George Condo, Double Heads/Black Paintings/Abstractions

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photographs by Tylor Hou