The Art Basel Rainbow

pari-dust-art basel rainbow

If Miami were a painting, maybe it would be a Chris Martin, glimmering with layers of glitter and grit. As I love that work, the beautiful dichotomy, Miami holds a special place for me. There is something so alluring about the art deco architecture, the spirit of a place that at moments feels trapped in time. Throw in Art Basel, the myriad of exhibitions and events surrounding it and a collaboration with a classic, cool sneakers brand and I am now flirting with my personal heaven. With a rainbow array of Superga’s in tow, this years Art Basel, brimming with optimism, color and texture seemed the perfect pairing. For part one of my Basel recap here is a taste of all the visual candy that surrounded me. Beginning at the architectural gem PAMM for the lush layers and intense chroma of the Beatriz Milhazes retrospective, a compositional dream against the dripping rosettes and graphic lattice of my Chanel Cruise 2015 look, finished with a laid back hot pink punch from my Superga’s. The next visual feast came in the form of Mark Flood’s richly patterned lace paintings at The Rubell Family Collection. Exquisitely detailed and enticing like the most elaborately decorated cake, the work paired perfectly with my favorite pair of lace Superga’s and an orange sherbet colored floral jacquard set by Thakoon. A run through Art Basel and Untitled revealed such shiny surfaces as this rainbow resin Markus Linnenbrink, a stunning Sterling Ruby sculpture, and electric Mary Weatherford. My quest for color and texture ended amidst a series of whimsical paintings by Jose Lerma at David Castillo Gallery their eccentricity lending towards some blue snakeskin. For everything in between see my #artandsole Superega takeover series and more to come on my two favorite Art Basel moments that left an effect on me.

Above left: Max Estrella, Markus Linnenbrink x silver glitter Superga’s

Above right: Perez Art Museum Miami, Beatriz Milhazes:Jardim Botânico x hot pink Superga’s, Chanel Cruise 2015

Lower right: David Castillo Gallery, Jose Lerma, Guaynabichean Odyssey x blue snakeskin Superga’s

Lower left: The Rubell Family Collection, Mark Flood x white lace Superga’s, Thakoon crop top, Thakoon skirt

Photographs by Jason Gringler