Forward Reflection

pari-dust-forward reflection

The studio of Jason Gringler is somewhat of a haven, with lofty 14 ft ceilings and the afternoon light streaming through the industrial gridded windows one could not imagine a more perfect space to reflect the artist and his work. Upon seeing in person it is evident that these works are as deep and layered as his intention. Composed of acrylic glass, shattered glass, epoxy, silicone, caulking, spray enamel, vinyl, steel, paint and aluminum tape, Jason references the history and trajectory of painting while avoiding its material associations. What remains is a distinct body of work that elegantly straddles the line between painting and sculpture, embedded with chance yet laden with meticulous precision. Bias aside, Jason’s work is my idealistic art, lines are blurred between the work and the architecture, and the experience within any given moment in time. A fresh encounter within a timeless framework, a practice that makes you evaluate your own methods and deeply admire those that Jason has created for himself. Calling for a pared down look with a bite of color and a hint of material drama, I brought in one of my favorite forms, the overall. This pair by Beckley is the perfect fresh, done in white leather and topped with the choker of all chokers by Zana Bayne, all amidst a layered allure that can not only be seen but felt.

Beckley white leather overalls, J.Crew cashmere boyfriend sweater, Zana Bayne choker collar, J.Crew elsie pumps, Jin Soon nail polish in Charme

Jason Gringler, Studio

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Makeup by Jessica Sanner, Photographs by Jason Gringler