Mother Nature

pari-dust-mother nature

As I knew a very special someone would be joining me on this shoot I searched to find the perfect installation in which to capture the pure and delicate nature of a relationship between mother and daughter. My first instinct was to find a pristine gallery environment with the work of an iconic artist to express how profound my mother’s encouragement and faith in me has formed the person I’ve become. As it turns we were meant to end up here within the walls of Thomas Houseago’s Masks (Pentagon) at Rockefeller Center. A piece that held the strength and vulnerability to translate the dynamic between my ginger haired mother and myself. Designed specifically for this space, together the five monumental faces create a temple like haven within the clamorous cityscape, bringing the magical intimacy of the studio into the public eye. The cracked plaster expressions hold evidence of the artist’s hand and the interior rebar bones allude to his process. Similarly ambitious and romantic in process are these two matching looks by a designer I adore, Simone Rocha. Tactile pieces that beg a closer look and make you feel the specialness held in a piece, a place, a person.

Simone Rocha embroidered red floral dress, Simone Rocha embroidered white floral dress, Mizuki pearl cuffs, Mizuki pearl earrings, Miu Miu patent-leather platform mules

Thomas Houseago, Masks (Pentagon)

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Makeup by Jessica Sanner, Photographs by Jason Gringler