Iconic Spirit


Keith Haring is an artist whose exuberant work is ingrained in our consciousness. On view now at Gladstone Gallery are his iconic painted works on canvas and tarp from the 1980s. This exhibition with its bold abstract imagery is indicative of Haring’s dynamic spirit and conveys his ability to invent something on the spot. As he was first recognized for his public work, mostly done in the New York subway system, the works on tarp continue this idea of accessibility. In his lifetime Haring sought to create work that was lasting and meaningful in the sense that it could symbolize the spread of creative energy and bring joy. This same spirit of iconic innovation runs through the line Rodarte, this dress brings a graphic punch in keeping with its surroundings, paired with a crystal ear cuff by Ryan Storer for a punk edge. Haring ‘s expressive vocabulary and philanthropy exemplified what an artist should be, The Keith Haring Foundation continues his legacy by generously providing grants to those in need.

Rodarte dress, Ryan Storer ear cuff, Alexandre Birman sandals

Gladstone Gallery, Keith Haring, May 3 — June 14, 2014

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photographs by Tylor Hou

Images © Keith Haring Foundation