Dreamy Everything


The past week has felt like a dream, very excited and grateful to share that I’ve been nominated by the CFDA for their Fashion Instagrammer of the Year award. In honor of the nomination I was paired with Accessories Designer of the Year nominee, The Row, whose minimal aesthetic and easy elegance I adore. I let the fashion story unfold within Tara Donovan’s dazzling sensory installation at Pace Gallery by documenting one look with each organic form. Donovan is an artist who uses the inherent physical characteristics of common objects and assembles them to create natural formations. Enter into the first installation room and one is met with a grouping of mountainous peaks, varying in hue from icy blue grey to sea foam green, subtle variations so seductive in the way they convey depth. The sculpture is composed of several million 3×5” white cards stacked and glued to form a topographical wonderland, the perfect environment for this midi skirt with its faint striations paired with this ethereal blouse. Wandering into Donovan’s second installation called for an outfit change. This work, a sea anemone like creature that seemed to be growing and expanding, offers a play on viewer’s perceptions. Seemingly spongy and soft the piece is actually comprised of thousands of clear plastic rods radiating and pulsing into space. Drawing on the glimmering color and textural qualities of the work I chose this luminous embroidered mesh dress as the final piece in this fairytale. As for Fashion Instagrammer of the Year, votes will be crowd sourced by liking posts tagged #MyCFDA by nominees. See the amazing company I keep Here, am forever grateful to be put in this realm and for all the support!

The Row dress, midi skirt, and blouse, Sophia Webster leather and vinyl ankle boots

Pace Gallery, Tara Donovan

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photographs by Tylor Hou