New Bloom


In the Persian culture a carpet is more than a decorative element in a space, it may just be its soul. Kour Pour has captured this in his intricately beautiful paintings now on show at Untitled. Lush all over patterns of hunting scenes, exotic animals, floral motifs, and medallions are elements in the rugs dating from the 16th century to the 1960’s that Pour has carefully chosen to reference. What I love most is that although these paintings are reminiscent they are markedly different, like they’ve been delivered from their historical past and elevated into a new modern life. To achieve this delicate balance each painting may take several months incorporating many techniques such as under-painting using a broomstick, silkscreening, meticulous hand painting, sanding, and then repainting what is lost. So fresh also is the color palate which is muted yet vibrant, subtle greens pop to kiwi and salmon to neon pink. The delicate sophistication of this work is what I crave. I will own a Kour Pour one day but for now this pink Isabel Marant embroidered tunic will be my stand in.

Isabel Marant tunic, Sergio Rossi pumps


Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photographs by Tylor Hou