Tracks & Ikat


So vibrant are the colors of Ingrid Calame’s large-scale pounce wall drawing that I am initially pulled in from off the street. Wrapping four walls this composition is the centerpiece of Calame’s exhibition Tracks at James Cohan Gallery The colors are evocative of the most dazzling natural settings or moments happening all at once. Like standing at sunset in a field of wildflowers that turns to beach grass that gives away to aquamarine ocean. Within the immersive environment so much more is revealed. Throughout her career the artist has been tracing forgotten relics, such as stains on a sidewalk, graffiti on a riverbank, paint blobs on a studio floor. In this case Calame traced skid marks from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and translated it by using an ancient Renaissance technique used to prepare frescoes. She explains the process, “pouncing causes little explosions through each hole that radiate out. It is an event, like a drawing/dance.” Also beautiful and otherworldly is this cashmere tunic dress by new designer line Baja East Made out of the thickest most luxe cashmere that has ever touched my body, this tunic is everything. The loose modern fit, abstracted ikat, and soft but striking color is altogether perfect. Fully enveloped here by so many good things.

Baja East cashmere tunic, J.Crew metallic pumps

James Cohan Gallery, Ingrid Calame, Tracks

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photographs by Tylor Hou