Into the Dust: Time Capsule Galaxy

Into the Dust for Cultured, April/May 2016Greg Allen-Müller Martian Supine landscape & Hyper-realistic Straight Lines gradient wall sculpture flank Wendall Castle Two Headed Table, 1969 from R & CompanyCaitlin Price half-gown skirt, top and bikini, Chanel mirror python sandals, Noor Fares Krystallos Laha earrings

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A gleaming bird in a gradient galaxy, I stand suspended in time, imbued with cosmic power. Who doesn’t love acting on a spontaneous desire? For artist Greg Allen-Müller the uninhibited use of color on a piece that he refers to as Hyper-realistic Straight Lines beams like an alien sun hovering over the barren landscape of his Martian Supine. Heroically occupying the space between sculpture and painting, Allen-Müller’s works allude to an expanse, moving towards the ecstatic radiance of an Agnes Martin painting. Growing up from Allen-Müller’s terrain and extending like taffy into a blue magic tree is Wendell Castle’s Two Headed Table, designed in 1969. Light years ahead in material exploration and thought, Castle’s Technicolor gel-coated fiberglass table reminds us what a pioneer of furniture-as-art he is. Perched within this sublime convergence of disciplines, I am feeling the look and attitude of Caitlin Price’s hybrid street/fantasy wear. Blazing a new wave of electric cross-pollination, this is an atmosphere of unselfconscious freedom.


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Greg Allen-Müller Martian Supine landscape & Hyper-realistic Straight Lines gradient wall sculpture flank Wendall Castle Two Headed Table, 1969 from R & Company


Caitlin Price half-gown skirt, top and bikini, Chanel mirror python sandals, Noor Fares Krystallos Laha earrings


Makeup by Dana Bosco, Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photograph by Tylor Hóu