Project September: Visual Immersion-Meets-Spontaneous Desire

Into the Dust for Cultured, April/May 2016Greg Allen-Müller Martian Supine landscape & Hyper-realistic Straight Lines gradient wall sculpture flank Wendall Castle Two Headed Table, 1969 from R & CompanyCaitlin Price half-gown skirt, top and bikini, Chanel mirror python sandals, Noor Fares Krystallos Laha earrings

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Who doesn’t love acting on a spontaneous desire? Celebrate because the first entirely visual shopping experience, Project September has landed. Designed as a platform for discovery, the app is intuitive eye candy for those looking to have or get closer to what they see. In the ever shifting landscape of technology and consumerism, Project September is a breath of fresh air, satisfying buyers voracious appetites with compelling imagery, elements of which are available at the click of a vibrant green dot. As if what I envisioned appeared before my eyes, I’m thrilled to be an advisor for Project September’s brilliant new way of interpreting and unlocking editorials, a place to see, share and ultimately have what speaks to you. enter the visual feast.


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Greg Allen-Müller Martian Supine landscape & Hyper-realistic Straight Lines gradient wall sculpture flank Wendall Castle Two Headed Table, 1969 from R & Company


Caitlin Price half-gown skirt, top and bikini, Chanel mirror python sandals, Noor Fares Krystallos Laha earrings


Makeup by Dana Bosco, Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photograph by Tylor Hóu