Radiant Forms

pari-dust-epic radiance

Sterling Ruby’s Bauhaus mentality, one that has no barriers within genres radiates through his show of monumental scale at Hauser & Wirth. Touching almost every medium and speaking to a range of cultural influences SUNRISE SUNSET seems to crack open the essence of a personal existence. What captures me is the dynamic interplay between themes, the classicism of the columns taken on an acid trip with their bright red psychedelic drips, the breakdown of fine art and craft exalted in the bleached and dyed flag, the collages of repurposed rags, fabric scraps, and clothing carry a postmodernist sensibility while harking back to the Amish quilts Ruby was surrounded with growing up. Wanting to play upon the idea of symbolism and its break down, I chose this embroidered lace dress by Valentino, giving an edge to the ornate with grunge hair and glossy red platforms by Carven. To me, Sterling Ruby’s work represents something perfectly undone, my ideal vision of aesthetic beauty and meaning.

Valentino dress, Carven platforms

Hauser & Wirth, Sterling Ruby. SUNRISE SUNSET

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photographs by Tylor Hou