Rainbow Daydream

pari-dust-rainbow daydream

The studio of Greg Allen-Müller is pristine, beaming white down to every last surface including the tool handles. These surrounds serve as a vehicle to heighten the viewing experience of a striking new body of work. Allen-Müller is as meticulous with his execution as he is with his space. While in earlier works his process of incorporating aluminum was done entirely by hand, one in which is laborious involving the welding of raw metal followed by finishing/polishing/painting, here he has evolved past the tedium through the use of aluminum architectural extrusions. A commentary on the overwhelming outsourcing of labor rampant in the current art world climate, a way to work faster and perhaps relinquish control or not. The perfection of premeditated control, the smooth stylized framework is offset by an explosion of expression, full spectrum color which allows the work to transcend itself. Dan Flavin comes to mind in the way that Allen-Müller’s work seems to have a divine connection with the architecture of a space, also in the sense that full spectrum color inherently is light. Inhabiting this psychological mash up with a sharp bob and slice of mini skirt all for one in a psychedelic RGB color index by Ashish. I am a supershiny creature next to Allen-Müller’s creation fulfilled by perfectionism and emblazoned by color as life.

Ashish rainbow sequined racerback, Ashish sequined mini skirt, Turquoise Wig, Alexander Wang sandals

Greg Allen-Müller, Studio

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Makeup by Jessica Sanner, Photographs by Tylor Hou