Smoky Silhouettes


Ghostly and alluring is Claudio Parmiggiani’s show at Bortolami Gallery. At the core of the exhibition is his series Delocazione. These works depict the impression of what is left when the physicality of something is taken away. An idea that nothing is truly solid it is just what one makes of it, a memory, a fragment of what once was immortalized here in Parmiggiani’s smoke and soot paintings. The process itself reveals the subtle torment of these works, the installation is built then set on fire with a combustion of tires, when the objects are taken away, the negative outlines in soot are what remains. I love the subject matter as well, a library full of books, one of the most solid and eternal objects I myself could identify with, then the most light and fleeting, a school of butterflies. I decide to capture the eerie in between with this billowy Ellery dress, punctuated with the pierce of some cat eyes. It is only once a year that one can truly let their freak flag fly, here amongst good company.

Ellery bell sleeve dress, Alexander Wang sandals

Bortolami Gallery, Claudio Parmiggiani

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Makeup by Samantha Dametta, Photographs by Tylor Hou