Strawberry Girl to Queen Bee

Lin Tianmiao, Protruding PatternsGalerie Lelong;
Chanel Haute Couture double-breasted jacket with puff sleeves, dome skirt & boater hat

Chanel Haute Couture suit with feather embroidery & matching boater, Chanel Fine Jewelry pearl & tweed earrings


Chanel Haute Couture sequin and feather embroidered gown, black boater, Chanel Fine Jewelry Sous le Signe du Lion earrings, Chanel Fine Jewelry ribbon motif necklace

A forest girl catches her own meaning in a twinkle of strength and vulnerability. On Lin Tianmiao’s textural revival of Protruding Patterns at Galerie Lelong, ideas manifested as forms rise up from a strawberry sea. A collection of terms referring to women spin a revolution of personal and universal foxy feelings. An elemental power contained in materials renders me a 3 highs woman in Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2017 divinité. Masterpieces of construction on a tiger mom playing field, the heritage of a woman’s work has evolved. Karl Lagerfeld draws us into his treasured atelier exemplifying modernized gender roles, “it is in between, there are people that have been there for thirty years, then people who just came from school, boys and girls, it looks like a classroom when you walk into the atelier now.” A dialogue of intricate craft and material alchemy bursts into multi-dimensionality. To each their own poetic mystery, remain strong individually with an open cherry heart and reign queen.

Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2017 Collection
Chanel Fine Jewelry
Lin Tianmiao, Protruding Patterns, Galerie Lelong
Hair by Erin Tierney, Makeup by Dana Bosco, Photographs by Logan Jackson