Ox Blood, Turquoise and Gold for Delhi


Last week I had the pleasure of embarking on the most beautiful adventure through India. A place so steeped in culture and tradition I was transported not only physically but spiritually, the pride of its people and eagerness to convey what is special about a place struck me unlike any other. As for my journey, it begins here in India’s sprawling capital, Delhi. I found this exquisite site, Jantar Mantar to be much like a massive art installation. Built by Jai Singh II, the Maharaja of Jaipur in the 18th century these sculptural structures were designed for solar observation. To compliment the ox blood sandstone ruins I chose this pale turquoise silk crepe dress by Burberry, the geometric detailing and romantic feel wove right through the leafy surroundings and abstract forms. As much of India’s tradition flows around their love affair with gold and my own Middle Eastern background too shares this inherent love, I adorned myself in these geometric cuffs by Pamela Love and this stunning Temple St. Clair peridot and diamond ring. Delhi was a sweet beginning, my journey with Lovegold, the fabulous curator of gold jewelry from around the world, continues. Next stop is the magical city of Jodhpur.

Burberry dress, Pamela Love cuffs, Temple St. Clair ring, Janis Savitt earrings, Beirn box clutch, Mui Mui sandals

Jantar Mantar, Delhi, Maharaja Jai Singh II

Photographs by Chris Roman