Shades of Jodhpur, Blue City


My fantastical plunge into Indian culture began upon entering the blue walled city of Jodhpur. I fell in love immediately as we drove through the chaos and colorful madness that is the essence of Rajasthan, India’s largest and most vibrant state. As we weaved through the tuk tuks, textile shops, past the sacred and prevalent cows tucked away was one of the most magical places I’ve ever stayed, the Raas. Preserving the bones of a 300-year-old mansion, which the hotel occupies, the design is a brilliant blend of the old and new. The red sandstone screens of the Raas echo the splendor of the Mehrangarh Fort, which hovers on a high cliff directly above. Trickling down below the fort are a smattering of pool blue buildings for which the city gets its name. With my first foray in Rajasthan came my first Indian wedding, first sari, and first encounter with gems from the iconic Gem Palace. Myself washed in shades of blue and green I felt embraced by a place so unique unto its own. More colours, architecture, and exquisite gems to come in Jaipur on my dazzling trip with Lovegold, till then.

First Sari, Munnu Gem Palace necklace, Beirn box clutch, Mui Mui sandals

RAAS, Jodhpur, The Lotus Praxis Intiative

Photographs by Chris Roman