In the Studio: Jason Gringler


A visit to Jason Gringler’s Studio in Bushwick is an eye into the source and cyclic nature of his work. As the light streams through the industrial gridded windows, reflective fractured surfaces around the studio bounce off of and absorb into one another emanating the process in which they were created. Working from the background, Gringler’s Plexiglas works are constructed by layering smashed glass and broken plexi bound with liquid plastic. Embedding the element of chance in each of these pieces the front of the work is not seen until a certain point of completion where it is then put up on the wall and the finishing process shifts to become very precise and exacting. What results are solid yet evanescent pieces that are entirely captivating. Each layer seems imbued with physical qualities of revelation and concealment at once pulling the viewer in and pushing them away. Drawing from this dichotomy, I wore an unstructured satin slip dress by Christopher Kane with its precision tulle pleats blocked out in light neon. The dress fits into the raw refined aesthetic which marks the surrounding work, a product of creation and destruction that is continuously synthesized into reinvention.

Christopher Kane dress, Alexander Wang sandals

Jason Gringler, Studio

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photographs by Tylor Hou