Aesthetic Addict

Scooter LaForge Studio
Scooter LaForge for Patricia Field custom tank dress and vest, Patricia Field arm warmers, Patricia Field Vogue beanie
Scooter LaForge for Patricia Field custom sweatshirt, Patricia Field drip socks, Patricia Field sunglasses, Patricia Field red beret, Miu Miu platforms
David Dalrymple black neoprene coat, Patricia Field Japanese cap, Patricia Field fingerless glove
Apostolos Mitropoulos graphic print hoodie, Patricia Field leggings, Heidi Lee 3D white hat, Patricia Field boots, These Pink Lips hand painted bag
Suzan Pitt hand painted jacket, Patricia Field turban

All hail vision, fashion is feeding off art in a way that is organic and intuitive and bursting with expression. A true testament to the ever expanding aesthetic of our era, iconic stylist Patricia Field has injected her essence on the highest conceptual playground for her holiday installation shop at Dover Street Market. A curated wonderland of unique and signature creations by the likes of decadently playful artist and accumulator of eccentricities Scooter LaForge, psychedelic surrealist animator Suzan Pitt, underground Greek designer Apostolos Mitropoulous and more. Layering into the magnetic depths of Scooter LaForge’s studio/being, bestowed with Patricia Field’s styling divine, I experience a heightened vision, collaboration as drug. For those whose art is a mirror to their own strangeness I am yours.

Art to wear curated by Patricia Field for Dover Street Market New York

Styled by Patricia Field in the studio of Scooter LaForge
Makeup by Samantha Dametta, Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Photographs by Tylor Hou