Chanel Forever


The magical thing about Chanel is its transformative quality, akin to a blossom it injects you with the confidence and spirit to fully come into yourself. It pushes you to the edge of experimentation with the insouciance of a cool classic. Layer in these looks from the Spring Couture Collection and boom, I was high on Chanel three days before and after this shoot. A slave to the quest for the perfect art pairing, fate landed me in the studio of Zane Lewis. A match made in vivid color heaven, as if the fairy tale dresses had blown their sparkling pollen dust straight onto the canvas. Surrounded by my favorite collaborators, an assortment of futuristic florals and ferns from the loveliest florist, Fleurs Bella and a fantastical array of Chanel Makeup I was transfixed and transformed. My metamorphosis by Cosma De Marinis and Samantha Dametta in glittering detail below.

Samantha Dametta: The floral Chanel Couture stunners inspired the looks for Pari’s makeup. Soft yet alluring this makeup creates an air of modern romantic whimsy. Always remember there are no rules for makeup, other than to experiment and have fun!

Look One: Lending from the rainbow petals and in the spirit of spring, I chose to subtly accentuate Pari’s features with soft floral colors.

The Eyes: I used powder blush on the lid, 68 Rose Ecrin, blending it with the lightest (white) color in the L’Intemporel de Chanel eyeshadow palette. The white works as a highlight under the brow. Next, 92 Diapason Illusion D’Ombre, patting it in the outer corner of Pari’s eye and blending it into the crease. Cream shadows are great for building color and depth. Then, I layered the purple in the L’INTEMPOREL DE CHANEL eyeshadow palette on top of the cream shadow. Finally, I tight lined the top lash line with the E’criture de Chanel eyeliner pen in noir; this helps create a fuller effect for the lashes. To finish the eye I used the Le Crayon Jeux 12 in Violet Smoke on the bottom water and lash line.

The Cheeks: I used 02 Rose Bronze powder blush not only on the apples of the cheeks but also along the cheek bone and temple to contour the face.

The Lips: Lastly, to polish off the look I used 78 Interlude Rouge Coco Shine on Pari’s Lips.

Look Two: My personal favorite, for this look bursting with red blossoms, I felt it was the moment to bring out Pari’s inner wild! Her eyes are stunning so I really wanted to go for a smokey more sultry look.

The Eyes: I started by applying a sheer coverage of the cream shadow 92 Diapason Illusion D’Ombre on the lid. I packed on the purple from the L’INTEMPOREL DE CHANEL eyeshadow palette and blended upwards to the crease. To darken the crease I layered the navy and purple. Blend from outer corner, up past the crease just a little to achieve a smokier eye. I also used the navy into the inner corner of the eye. After lining the top and bottom lash line with the E’criture de Chanel eyeliner pen in noir and Le Crayon Jeux 12 in Violet Smoke, I smudged out the bottom liner with the navy shadow. This creates a plum and navy smokey look that plays off the gorgeous reds.

The Cheeks: To keep the focus on the eyes, I used a light sweep of the powder blush in 68 Rose Ecrin on the apples of her cheeks. To find the apple of the cheeks, smile and blend back to the ear for a diffused look.

The Lips: I used 79 Saga Rouge Coco Shine. I wanted to add some dimension to the lip so I added a bit of the powder blush in 64 Pink Explosion to the inner pout.

Look Three: To me the most romantic and dreamy look with the apricot tulle cape, I wanted to keep her eyes and face soft with the focus on a pretty pout.

The Eyes: I kept the eyes simple with a few sweeps of the 68 Rose Ecrin and 02 Rose Bronze powder blush for a color wash of rosiness. I smudged out the bottom lash line with Le Crayon Jeux 12 in Violet Smoke.

The Cheeks: I used power blush in 64 Pink Explosion for a flushed look.

The Lips: The concept was to create a beautiful, playful lip. I lined Pari’s upper and bottom lip with Chanel Aqua Crayon lip color stick in Raspberry Red, filling and fading the color from the outer corners of the lip. If you leave the center of the lip lightest this makes the lips appear bigger. Finally I used 91 Boheme Rouge Coco Shine lipstick to finish off the look with a deep rose pout.

Cosma De Marinis: I was thinking for this dreamy Chanel Couture Collection full of colorful details and mysterious shapes for look one the hair needed to carry a sense of empowerment. The branch gave me the feeling of conquest also the idea that maybe in slow motion the flowers were falling onto the dress.

Look Two: In this look the Chanel garden was so exotic that it took me to a rainforest and in my imagination the wild texture of the curls wasn’t even wild enough so I had to add leaves, the fern. I wanted to create hair styled by the wind and with the spiked leaves I thought it looked almost heroic to carry them on the back behind the shoulders. I love the result of the big hair and the height above the head.

Look Three: The dress was so inspiring, like a wedding dress maybe, I applied moss because it’s so pure, I love the texture and the smell. The big leaf in Pari’s hand is the modern girl’s new bouquet, bringing in green means bringing in nature. I knew I wanted to work with the greens to compliment the bright apricot.

All looks: Chanel Spring 2015 Couture Collection, Makeup:Chanel Beauty

Zane Lewis, Studio

Upcoming: Galerie Hussenot, Zane Lewis, April 25 – June

Hair by Cosma De Marinis, Florals by Fleurs Bella, Makeup by Samantha Dametta, Photographs by Tylor Hou